Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Cape Warriors

I guess all the 28mm collectors (and for sure the rest of the community too) know the figures and books from the Perry-brothers.

While I am an 1/72 man, so the 28mm range is not my cup of tea (ok, they are teasing...) their books are always worth their price.

After "Go strong into the dessert" I know got my copy of "Cape Warrior".
You know I am always after the lesser known subjects. In this book we have covered these campaigns very well in my eyes.

So if you are interested in the subject, go for this book which has btw several good color-drawings of soldiers from both sides.

And of course there are figures available in 28mm

But who hasn't said not in 1/72? :-) Take a look at these old figures from Ulf Debbeler sculpted after Bill Horans diorama "Incident at the Waterlkloof".


  1. Those are Alamo defenders conversions, I think?

  2. And Strelets has some nice figures to now in scale 1/72.