Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Dübbel 1848 - Danish-German war

In the summer holidays I bought myself a document-scanner to bring all the loose copies from books and artikles that were stored everywhere into a pdf-file.

Thousands of pages gone and the space filled up with figures etc.:-) And afterwards I recognised that this scanner also can scan old photos and bring them into jpg-file.

Well, 550 photos in the mouth of the beast and after 30 minutes a lot of photos to share:-)

So from now on I will show photos from my very early dioramas too, For me nostalgic ones when I created a Waterloo diorama with my first 300 painted Napoleonic figures or photos from the collection of my friend Daniel Stegmann who died too soon some years ago etc. etc.

What I found first are three photos from a 15mm diorama I made in the museum at the battlefield of Düppel around 1998. A link to the museum is here.

But this diorama is not from the war of 1864 but the earlier war of 1848. A very colorful subject and for sure in my future agenta for the own production.

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