Samstag, 17. September 2016

Photos from a Waterloo Diorama

Ok, now that Frank and Thomas recognised the diorama, Honor to those who deserve it.
The diorama was buildt by our Northern German friends, Organisator war Jens Najewitz.

Looks like the first try - later it was the same battle with a much bigger diorama:-)
I think I have photos of this too.


  1. Hello Uwe,

    the pictures are of the diorama of Sommerschenburg, near the town of helmstedt. Jens Najewitz was the founder of the diorama. Many collectors have helped such as Wolfgang Meyer, and Daniel Stegmann. I was also with it :-)

    We had lots of fun.

    Many greetings
    Frank Herberger-Frevert

    1. Servus Frank,

      thanks for your tip. Thomas Mischak wrote me the same. So it was the old guard who did it:-)