Samstag, 3. September 2016

This time something different - Oxen from Fritz figures

You know we plan our next big diorama which will be Ulundi 1879. From Alfred we already have the Zulu kral. But what would be Zulus or a wagon train without oxen?

The same goes for my range of Wellington in India. It is nearly complete, just the artillery and the staff are missing. So I asked Massimo for the Crew and Andy to sculpt me a British gun (same system as in the AWI )

But the guns and wagons need oxen too.

So I asked Leo of Phersu Miniatures as I knew he is able to sulpt animals.

The next question was how to cast them. They have no bases and the legs are nearly paralel to each other.

Ulrike and Jörg Schilling was the help I needed. From them I got excellent castings,

See here my humble try to paint some samples.

First the Indian oxen

And ideas how to use them

Next the African Oxen

And the idea behind is

Or simply to expand my range of the German Schutztruppe which I want to round up too.

But then I fear I need mules too:-)

Or simply use them as cavalry:-):-)

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