Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Polish uprising 1863

My hobbyfriends know I am the guy who is interested in conflicts nobody else heard before - or is interested in them. One of this lesser know conflicts is the January uprising in Poland 1863.

For those of you who know nothing about it, take a look at Wikipedia

And there is also an interesting movie "Squadron" on youtube,

But as this is a blog about figures I wanted to show you some great conversions I stumbled over. When I have it right in mind it was on Benno's forum.

Some great conversions from Strelets Zouaves into Zouaves of death. Just one of the many volunteer units to battle the Russians.

For the Russians themselves you can use Strelets' 1877 Russo-Turkish war figures.

In case you want to paint some figures for this subject here a "few" uniform-plates for Polish units:


  1. With regard to your being interested in obscure conflicts, have you heard of the Sonderbund War? It was a civil war that took place in Switzerland, of all places, in 1847. It lasted only 3 weeks! This is so obscure (and brief) that it really doesn't warrant doing it in miniature, but you could astound your friends by indicating you decided to go into it full bore...

    Obscurely yours,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Hi Chris,
    you are right, another forgotten conflict. Beside several books in German I have Ralph Weavers excellent book
    Three weeks in November in my collection:

    The Swiss uniforms are French style. And a French army for Algeria and 1849 Rome I have also in mind for the future production:-)