Freitag, 24. Februar 2017

The Leuthen Diorama in Ingolstadt

which sadly is no more..

Here some photos I made in the good old days. Some day we will make it in 1/72 too!

sorry for the poor quality, the photos are nearly 20 years old now.

In the museum of the Plassenburg in Kulmbach there is still a small one, here photos from around the same time.


  1. Uwe - great pics - I was in the Ingolstadt Museum in Sept 2013 - was the diorama still there? I saw a pile of big dioramas, but can't remember the details...

  2. What became of it?
    I was in Ingolstatd way back in 1974; it was not until the last few hours that I was there that I realized that it was the site of the Bavarian Army Museum; a hurried tour ensued. Sadly, that was before I learned German a few years later!

    1. There was a big exhibition "Napoleon and Bavaria" for which they cleared up the whole museum. I was there one month ago because they have a special exhibition about the German war of 1866. All the other rooms were empty:-(

      Let's hope it will pop up again one time.