Freitag, 4. August 2017

Reenactment battle of Königgrätz / Chlum 1866

Once a hobbyfriend told me what he likes on my blog is that it is not always the same I am showing.
While thinking about what I can post next my view went on the material of last years hobbytour to the 150th aniversary of the German-Austrian war of 1866.

Besides of a lot of museums and some good (and cheap) beer we visited the official recreation of the battle.

Most of the reenactors really looked good and I haven't seen so much Prussian Pickelhaubes before!

The green guys are Saxon Jäger

More 1848, but the Ulans were good

The Prussians are comming

a lot of people made small films there which you can found at Youtube, like for example these here

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  1. Hi Uwe,

    beautiful pictures.
    We will see us on saturday in Kulmbach. On Sunday I will do a similar trip to Fasanerie in Eichenzell near Fulda. There will be a meeting of reenactors of the AWI