Samstag, 3. Februar 2018

Tiroleans 1809

Living in the south of Bavaria has it's advantages. One is that within four hours I could drive to Lake Garda in Italy.

When I make this tour with the family we pass a place called "Sachsenklemme". It is a gorge where the Tiroleans destroyed a column of infantry from the Saxon Duchies.

In Innsbruck (also Tirol) is the museum of the Emperors Jägers. There are some small nice dioramas made of metal figures which look to be bent from flats. I don't know how to call this system.
Their size is around 30mm.

One of these dioramas shows this fight.

The subject of the Tirolean uprising was always an interesting subject for me. On the the "battlefields" (Raid of the Tiroleans into Bavaria) ist just 15 kilometers from my home.

So it is no wonder, that we plan to make them in 1/72. So far some of them are available from Munich Kits which you can buy from Germania Figuren. Very nice figures made in Resin.

I also have a set from BUM in my collection. Nice figures but terrible plastic. And 25 years ago I tried to convert them from 8th army figures. When I find the conversions I can put them here too.

And the good news is that we now plan to produce a unit of them for fighting the Berg Isel battle too:-)


  1. Nice looking diorama and an interesting bending of the rules for using flats. The flat diorama was designed to be seen from a 'viewpoint' but this artist has gone a step beyond that.

  2. Berg Isel? You have my full attention...