Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018

Museum of the Republic of Rome 1849

On our trip to Rome we visited a lot of museums as I wrote before. There is one about the Republic of 1849 and the siege of the French army. I hoped for a lot of uniforms, battlepaintings etc.

But in the end this museum is more a shrine for Garibaldi and his family. At least I got some more shots on original redshirt. I guess in the meantime  I have a complete batallion of original redshirts photographed. Even in the Vatican Museum of St. Angelo was one!

But what interested me most in the Republic museum was a diorama about the siege, made with 15mm figures. This is a subject that should be done in 1/72 too!

And in the Risorgimento Museum we found a nice painting with a lot of details. The uniforms in this painting are historically correct.

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