Dienstag, 29. Mai 2018

Our project for 2018 - Ulundi

In the past I have mentioned that our anual project for the Dioramica in November 2018 is the last battle in the Zulu war.

I just worked over the list and recognized we already have passed the 6600 figures mark of painted figures. So far I have concentrated myself on the Zulus of which I have 2371 I painted now (booring I can tell you).

Here the work of the last three month

So at the moment I am on the 17th lancers and more Frontier light horse to paint something different.

Now Alfred started working on more Zulus. And he is making it the perfect way, not only using existing figures, but giving all the Esci figures a metal head without "parade dress".

As usual he is playing Dr. Frankenstein and I am wondering what comes out in the end:-)

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  1. Ilike tr project, and i love these kind of "Frankenstein" works whhich make the figures unique :)