Montag, 2. August 2010

French in Indochina

Yesterday I painted some Zulus to reinforce my armies. Esci has this standing shooting guy with the Martini Henry and a captured British coat.

Well, around 30% of the Zulus had firearms. But these were mostly old muzzle-loading rifles and muskets and maybe a few modern ones. After Isandlwhana and Intombe River as well as Hlobane they had captured British stuff too. But if you want to create the battle of Isandlwhana this figure is useless.

So I thought what to do and as I am interested in lesser known colonial wars I thought it could be an idea to try a conversion into a French Tirallieur Anamite or Tonkinoise.

here is the try. Well, could be much better and I hate the Macro of my digicam....

And to show how they really had to look like:

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