Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Fredericksburg the Workshop

Last weekend we had a meeting in Andys home - at the end of the world...
After a seven-hours-drive I was finally there and the others already waited for me. We had three great days, working on the diorama, helping with tips, talking nonsense, having barbeque and beer and of course watched "Gods and Generals" as an inspiration.

See here the process of the work.

First of all the historical research. Reading a lot of books, looking for maps etc.

Especially for the diorama Andy sculpted us several union infantry in greatcoats advancing and a lot of Confederate artillerymen. Really great stuff and these figures are of course for sell. So if you want to help us refund our costs a little bit, you are invited to buy these figures from Andy or contact me.

Ok, here we started painting them

Andy at the rare moments we he stoped serving us beer and painted himself:-)

Ingo (right) and Rainer already discussion the project for 2012 which will be the Saxon attack on the Russians at Borodino 1812.

Peter as our ACW specialist showing a lot of books and maps to Ingo who took over the responsibility for Fredericksburg

After explaining Peter had to work too!

while Andy took the chance to read the books:-)))

Peter and Ingo glueing the units in the correct formations on our stands (no manufactor made good officers in greatcoat....)

And here the first photos of some complete units.

And here see again Ingo's work with houses he did. I am always speechless when I see what he can do.

Take a look at Andy's homepage here where you can see all the stuff he did for Fredericksburg. While we were there his father sent new masters on an ACW field-fork an I have already seen several wagons. We thought about what kind of wagon we miss and decided that a water-wagon would be useful.

If you are interested in this stuff contact Andy and tell him you know me or my blog. Or simply send me a mail under

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