Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Hastings- how we did it

In this last post of Hastings I want to show you again, how we do this dioramas. You may have seen it at the Aspern diorama too, but better twice than none.

Seeing the figures glued with white glue on plastic plates, sometimes wood. Some action-scenes are already glued and have just to put on the plates. Charging horsemen are glued in pairs and groups and put on the diorama to have a irregular line. Better than glueing them on a big plate. The shieldwall, or better to say the lines of figures on bigger plates. Sadly when we did this in 2006 there were no Strelets Saxon shieldwall available, so we have no real shieldwall with locked shields here. Maybe next time we will form the first rank of the Saxons with this Strelets set. BTW, there will always be a second time to have the diorama on display from time to time. HAstings we had on a special exhibition in a museum in France at Feu from where the Normans started.


The most important thing - having something to eat, drinks and a lot of fun.
Here Ingo and Peter (not good to see) tring to make the landscape right that the figures have a good stand. In the meantime Schmitty has to clear up:-)

Here from the other side. We have tables on which we lay wooden boards. On this we put Styropor to form the hills etc. and over this cames our special cloth. On the cloth we have the stands with the figures and then our special mix of grass over it.

To secure the cloth on the boards is long work...

Than painting the missing figures for units already complete up to deep into the night. Here I am painting some more Norman archers etc. For a hobby-tour I am in a good condition, you should see me after five days :-))

My friend John from the UK was with us, enjoying our anual fairs. John I hope you are fine and will come over in October for the next one!

In the meantime we are having fun as the diorama is ready, the show started, all the sellers opened their stands and I spent all the money I had...

Here see the guys who worked on this diorama. From left to right standing:

Peter Herfen Germany
Kai Fuhrmann Germany
Uwe Wild Germany
Peter Johannson Sweden
Andreas Brüggemann Germany
Thomas Schmitt Germany


Iványi Gábor Hungary
Zsolt Schäfer Hungary
Krisztian Takacs Hungary
Ingo Gohlke Germany

It is always fun to make such a work together!!

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