Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Cröbern 1813

The fighting at Cröbern was part of the battle of the nations at Leipzig in October 1813.

Wolfgang Meyer worked together with some other guys on this project.  To be honest, this diorama is worlds better than all I ever did. Wolfgang told me that in the meantime it is sooo big, that it isn't possible to bring it in one van! Finally it should be find it's home in a museum.

All the figures are metals in 1/72, most of them made by Art-Miniaturen. If you want to increase your Austrian army or maybe Romans, SYW etc. visit their homepage at

And if you want to spend some hours simply go on his own homepage at


  1. A wonderfull dio which I had the pleasure of seeing at the Intermodelbau in Dortmund last year. When does the book and CD come out?

  2. Good Lord that's amazing - and all by Art Mineturen? Must have cost a fortune.

  3. Those out-of-door photos made me think it was a movie film still or reenactors. Impressive work! Regards, Dean

  4. I agree, with the setting and the way these are photographed, it thought these were stills from a movie! Amazing.