Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Navy in indochina

Last week I got a parcel from my friend Jim Scuderix who rememberd that I told him over a year ago that some anamite boats would be useful for my French in Indochina project.
So he sent me two of this boats. Ok, Burmese but surely the same style as vietnames ones. And who knows, maybe next some British in 1885? :-))

And what I already have to fight them on the rivers is from PMC toys. The Fusilier Marins within the Torpedo-boat are from Scruby - again a gift from Jim some years ago. In addition on of the Redbox figures. Painted they are looking not bad in my eyes.

I hope to post some photos of my French troops in Indochina soon. More difficult are the Chinese, Black flags and the Anamites. Maybe Andy can help me out sculpting 2-3 Anamite infantrymen for me.

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