Freitag, 22. April 2011

A collector's paradise

The last two days I had the chance to visit my old hobbyfriend Alfred Umhey. On Wednesday there was one of the usual meetings with around 15-20 people in his house, sharing the news, showing around figures, books, etc. At night we had some beer and wine and in the end around 1 am we went to bed.

Strange, but in this house I always have a very light sleep. Who wonders with all this books and figures around. So after five hours I went up, took my camera and visited the cellar where he has thousands of figures in vitrines.

Do you remember the good old days when we had just Airfix and maybe Esci? When I started collecting figures with my own money the first Esci-sets appeared on the market. We had not much figures these days so we had to make conversions. Alfred is a master in this, he has such great stuff which I want to show you over the next postings. And of course I want to begin with the Sikh wars.

For the Aliwal diorama we made, more than 80% of the figures were from Alfreds collection.. In the meantime we are all reinforcing our armies with the Newline range. Hopefully we can bring another Sikh war diorama on show in the near future.

See here some of Alfreds conversions for the battle of Aliwal.

 Bengal light cavalry
 16th lancers in close combat. Great conversion ideas which you could make from any lancer in any period.

 Well, this brings "Life" in a diorama....

 Strange Afrika corps conversion eh?

 A great melee
 This he casted in metal because you can't have enough marching and standing on a battlefield

Ok, more will follow soon. But first as next the promised mexican I painted


  1. Superb stuff - reminds me of the Aliwal diorama on the cover of Featherstones "Battle notes for Wargamers"

  2. Wonderfull. I´ve just spent some time looking at these trying to recognise the makes. Quite a lot of Airfix and yes, that DAK grenade thrower is strange and very original. I remember making polish lancers from cheap indians (the ones that came in plastic bags with horses that were hollow underneath ) Happy days when you had to use your brain to get what wasn´t available.