Sonntag, 24. April 2011

More from Alfreds collection

This time it is a French and Austrian army for the 1859 war in Italy. It is really funny to see the Austrian line converted from Airfix British infantry. Nearly better then the crap we got from Waterloo 1815....

The real thing are these Tirallieurs Algerien from Hong-Kong Japanese infantry!!! Same goes for Zouaves.

 The Grenadiers are just a paintjob which I made myself in the past. I like these red trousers.

And at least some Austrian Ulans in Kittel.

So with French lineinfantry and other units available from Emhar and Strelets and several plastics as well as the good Bersaglieri from Waterloo and Italian line from Lucky-Toys the realisation of such a diorama comes closer. Just good Austrians are still needed.


  1. "Nearly better then the crap we got from Waterloo 1815...."

    Good Lord, I couldn't agree more. I actually gave mine away.

  2. The battle or the manufactor?
    Waterloo 1815 did some nice sets, but this 1859 Austrian stuff is really terrible!

    As for the battle of Waterloo I will out myself!
    In my eyes one of the most boring battles in Napoleons career. Most of the other have far more tactical skill etc. But I know all the British collectors and most of the other will have another mind here:-))