Montag, 4. April 2011

Herzog von Bayern and Massimo

On the 29th April starts the anual exhibition and figure-fair the "Herzog of Bayern" in the Bavarian army museum. See here for the details.

Last year I had the chance to meet Massimo there. Between all this 54 and 90mm figures I found his little treasures.

But the museum itself is worth a visit, one of the biggest military museums in Europe.

Beside the usual uniforms, paintings, guns etc. the museum has some fine flatfigure dioramas as well as a collection of old toy-soldiers.

 Bavarian infantryman 1870
 Württemberg Louis mounted Jäger 1812 , Bavarian Guard Grenadier 1814
 One from the huge and impressing WW1 exhibition
 Baden Garde Du Corps at the battle of Straßburg 1815
Bavarian Leibregiment 1720

I hope this few photos have teased you to think about a visit of the museum. And maybe we will meet there.

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  1. Yes, Massimo makes great work! A real artist ;-)
    And that museums looks like worth a visit!