Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Again something from Alfred's collection

Seeing all this old Airfix-Conversions in Alfred's collection brings nostalgic thoughts in my mind. The days when we were "forced" to think how to make figures we wanted for a diorama or wargame. Today we have nearly all what we want (ok, I have always new ideas).

These Austrian Grenzers here are some of my favourites in his collection. Maybe you recognise the Airfix Confederate infantry or the Revell and Esci-figures. The capes are made with paper handkerchiefes. I hope you enjoy the photos and maybe the tease you to make your own conversions.


  1. Great!!! For me half the fun of 1/72nd plastic figs is the converting...getting something new out of old poses. He´s got a great looking collection...

  2. I'm not really one for conversions, but I can certainly admire the work of those that have the skill.