Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

I need help with the Roman warwagon for Pyrrhus

Hi guys,

at the moment I have the problem that I need around 50 warwagons for the Romans to fight Pyrrhus's elephants. The guys who help with the diorama offered to take 21.

The mould-making was expensive and we need to take this 50 to cover the costs. Such a wagon with 6 oxen costs around 12 Euro. So I want to ask everyone who is interested to buy some of this wagons. And maybe you can lent it for the diorama:-)

If anybody wants to help send me a mail to

Thank you!!


  1. I'm not sure why mould-making should be so expensive. Mould-making materials are inexpensive here and the techniques for mold making and casting are manageable. I've shown a step by step on my blog about mould-making and casting with metal. I am not sure if you want to cast your war wagons in resin or metal. If you want to ship your wagon to me, I would be happy to create the moulds and ship the original and mould back to you. Then you can cast as many wagons as you want if you have two-part resins.


  2. Hi MB,

    the problem is that the sculptor wants to cast them himself. He already made five moulds he said. Well, I casted in metal in the past too. The five moulds I do not understand. The weight of a complete wagon with oxen is around 400 gramm. So 12 euro seems a fair price. Casting in Resin sounds interesting, but I haven't done it before. Isn't it likely to break?