Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Native Tirallieurs in French service - Tonkin

Organising my digital archive, I just found again this link, Great photos of Tirallieurs Anamites, Tonkinoise and some guard units. Very useful for my growing French army to fight the Chinese and Anamites:-)


  1. In case you don't already know, Hocquard's " War and Peace in Hanoi and Tonkin" is another great source for illustrations, particularly battle scenes.

    More importantly though, will you be releasing a range of suitable figs?

  2. Many thanks for the link! I will go for this book of course.

    Yes figures are available now. First the six Anamites I already have shown on the blog. Then we want to do more Vietnamese, in particular working through the whole illustrations from the Foundry book. French later.


  3. " particular working through the whole illustrations from the Foundry book."

    Oh wow, that sounds fantastic. Guess I won't have to ask what else you've got planned.

    Pardon me for asking, but how much does it cost you for the sculpts? Elhiem Figures offers a very reasonable sculpting service, at GBP 20 a fig, although in Matt's case he gets to keep the rights to producing the figure (which might not be what you are looking for).

  4. Oh I have two different versions of sculptors. One is working for free but I have to buy at least 50 figures of each pose. The others all charge 80 euros for a master.