Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Conquest of Norway 1814

My friend Peter Johannson from Sweden sent me this photos of a little diorama he is working on. As a Swede it has of course to be Swedish history. And this makes it very interesting to me. For two years I made a research on the Swedish army in the Napoleonice wars and Peter was very helpful with translations.

Here we have a clash for a village in Norway in 1814 (sorry Peter, I forgot the name). It is really good to see what can be done with a little conversions. The campaigndress of several figures and the mixture of trousers, greatcoats etc. gives it a real look. And it is something special!


  1. Unusual looking stuff - that's the problem with Napoleonics. So much in one period and so little time.

  2. I've been intereste din the Norwegian army of the period for some years too. I have been collecting information about it too, i particuarly like the ski troops...
    best wishes