Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Blenheim 1704

Now I started to scan all the old photos I made from my projects before I had a digicam.
Maybe some of you are interested to see more photos from Isandlwhana or other older projects?

Last week I got some old Airfix-Conversions from Tom Winterkamp. You know I like all this old conversions, no matter if they fit today's standards or not. For me it is the idea how to make other figures in the days when we had nothing else.

From the headgear they are more for the period of 1690. This reminds me that I had a talk with Ingo about expanding the range of 1680/90 figures as with just four figures to fight the Turks it is not enough:-))

And here are some postcards I found which show's the flat-figure diorama of the battle of Blenheim in Höchstädt. For all of you comming to Bavaria I would recomend the museum in Höchstädt castle with the Blenheim exhibition on two floors. A really great museum!

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