Montag, 14. November 2011

And here are the next photos I found on my PC. Beside this last week I had to clean up my "real" archive of prints etc. and I found a whole box of photos of my old dioramas from the time before I had a digital cam. So I will try to scan them and post them here too.

To stay in the Peninsular war here three photo of a small diorama which appeared on the HAT - side some years ago, showing the battle of Baylen. You know I like the exotic stuff, so I safed these photos.

And for the friends of the American civil war, here I have some great photos which I got from one of my many hobby-friends. I am not sure if they were from Old John's collection. Maybe the guy from whom I got them can make a comment? Such stuff for all periods is what we miss from today's manufactors

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