Montag, 7. November 2011

A Virus

Guys I can tell you I had a hard time over the last two weeks. Through a forum I regulary visit, I got a virus on my PC which destroyed it completely. The good thing is that I was able to make a security copy of my digital archive (around 120.000 files in all pdf and photos), so nothing is lost.

So next weekend I will continue to post photos from the collection and projects on this blog.

And welcome Erwin as the 100th followers. Someway it makes me proud to have passed now the 100th followers mark:-))) I hope you all enjoy the blog and for the future I can promise you some photos from several other projects we did in the past. But these were from the days before I had a digital camera and I have to scan the photos to post them here. Just to make your mouth wet - I still have the photos from our very first joined project - Gettysburg with 25.000 figures on a diorama around 90 meters in square.


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