Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Jacklex Mexican 1917 range

If you talke a look at my linklist, I have posted some lesser known manufactors or sellers there.
For example Spencer Smith is now th owner of th good old Jacklex range. Two years ago John sent me some photos from Black Jacks campaign in Mexiko to hunt down Pancho Villa.

I asked him who made the conversions and he told me Jacklex himself. the never produced Pancho-Villa range. And soon after it appeared on the shop. So my Airfix US infantry and the Raventhorpe figures of my collection needed a big reinforcement:-) And the prices are really cheap in my eyes.


  1. they look very good!
    If I'd understand (!) it's a 1/72 scale. I'm right?

  2. An interesting and oftern overlooked subject that is nice to see displayed in great detail. good job

  3. Hi Sam,

    yes these guys are 20mm (1/72) in size something between Airfix and Esci.