Sonntag, 18. März 2012

News from Hank's Silistra project

Hank is still busy to work after his 1853 Kalafat diorama on the Russian siege of Silistra 1854. It is really surprising what stuff and information he digs up for this project.

See here the latest photos I got:

Kalafat is a German style town as after the Austro-Turkish war of 1788-91 a lot of German settlers were sent into this area by the Austrian Kaiser. 

 This mortars are impressing! The two figures beside are two S-Range Turkish and Syrian infantry from old John. If you are interested in some, send him a mail or visit his blog
 And here Hank painted 270 (!!) of my own production Egyptian cavalry.

 I like this bridge!
 Again really impressing Hank!


  1. Fantastic looking terrain. Would love to play on it. Best, Dean

  2. Hallo Uwe,
    Woher sind denn die Gebäudeteile?

  3. Very impressive cavalry, very nice painted!

    This going to be a very great diorama!