Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Modelfair in Schleißheim near Munich

this weekend we had the rare occassion that a hobbyfair was just an hour with the car away from my home.
In Schleißheim we have a great castle with a lot of paintings from the turkish wars of the 1690ies. But beside this castle we have an airforce museum. A lot of jets, helicopters, etc. on show. But this weekend a model-exhibition and fair too.

Well most airplaines and ships in different scales but som  good between. See here some of the small vignettes which were on show. Of course all 1/72!


Of course my favourite as it was the only one which shows a historical subject before 1914 - a Viking raid

Not 1/72 but 1/100 - one of the first steamships (if not the first) 1837 in the English channel

German airplanes on train transport in Turkey 1914

"Wireless" information in 1915


And a British tank having a problem...


  1. I really like those WWI dio's. The one with that wireless communication wagon is just awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!