Freitag, 24. August 2012

A Roman harbour and the Roman navy

Another great diorama from Stephan Berry, this time a litlle naval. I am always impressed by dioramas with water. One of my ideas was to creat a sea-battle of the Punic wars with our troops from Pyrrhus and the Carthagians we already have painted. We have over 20 of the Zvezda ships too, but more than half of them still need to be build. And this is a challenge...

Ok, but comming from me and my humble mass-dioramas to a piece of art:-)

And here some photos from my last visit to the Roman naval museum in Mainz

 From the tombstone of a sailor

 ok this here blurred but I think still interesting

 This one is scale 1:1 was impressing!!


  1. Very nice dio.
    I would like to have some of those model ships from the museum :-D

  2. Very nice stuff... 20 Zvezda triremes displayed, that would just be grand!

  3. how increadible. I love these!!!! how cool is that place eh? I gotta go there!

  4. Mainz has another Roman museum beside the naval one which is already breathtaking!