Freitag, 31. August 2012

Kaiserjäger museum Innsbruck

Tonight I was busy sorting photographies from my last trip to Innsbruck into my archive.

In Innsbruck you have the battlefield of Mount Isel on which is the museum of the Austrian
Kaiserjäger. In fact Tiroleans of course:-))

It is a great little museum which covers the history of the regiment from it's foundation 1815 to 1918, especially all the wars in Italy in the 19th century and WW1

They have some very nice figure dioramas, made of selfmade figures in around 30mm scale.

This one here is from the lesser known 1878 campaign in Bosnia

Here a 1848 campaign in Italy

For all of you planing to go to Austria the town of Innsbruck is my tip as beside the museum here there is the panorama painting of the 3rd battle of Berg Isel, Ambrass castle with a nice museum and the Hofburg with another historical museum. Beside this they have great Wiener Schnitzel!!!

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