Samstag, 25. August 2012

Napoleonic music bands

For a Napoleonic diorama I always need a lot of fighting figures. But on the other hand most troops stood around waiting or marching on the field.

HAT or Strelets made some marching sets in the meantime and especially the HAT marching Prussians or the upcomming French. As for the Strelets marching French, well..... But on the other hand Strelets mad nice marching and standing Romans and early medievals.

But there are a lot of other things we need on a diorama. For example doctors and medicals (HAT made great wagons there).

One things that beside Hitty no plastic manufactor ever tried to make napoleonic musicians.

In the old days Minifigs took this challenge. Sadly not with their S-range figures which are compatible with 1/72, but with the later PB range which has the same height but are more clumbsy.
But as no other bands are available, I got some from my friend Old John for my collection.

See here some of John's own collection which are great.

The Carabinier band is my favourite. And I have a British band too from this range.

The uniforms of musicians are very colourful and always give a change of colour in a unit. See here some uniform-examples

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  1. Uwe, PB figures were ancients only (the PB standing for Phil Barker). There was an S Range set of the French Old Guard Band - I have one complete and a second near complete set of this. They also did a set of the Corps of Drums - 16 drummer figures and a drum major.