Samstag, 18. August 2012

Care for Prussian casualties 1870

We often see battles on a diorama, less we see casuaties on them. But Alfred here added stretcher-bearers too while the charge is going on!

The project he and his brother Roland are working on at the moment is a display for the museum to see one Prussian batallion attacking one French in scale 1:1. I can't wait to see them painted on display.

And as usual I am impressed by the conversion ideas!


  1. I like these conversions - the sort of thing I do myself! I admit I hadn't thought of the wheeled stretcher before, though. I think I recognise the stretcher and bearer from the Airfix WW2 German mountain troops, with wheels from Airfix Napoleonic French guns, yes?

  2. Hi Ion,

    the wheels are from the Airfix French gun as you thought. The Stretcher bearer is simply from Airfix WW1 German infantry.