Sonntag, 3. März 2013

French cavalry for Rocroi

Just this afternoon Alfred sent the new photos of Deniz latest masters.

French cavalry, attacking the Spanish Tercios in caracole formation. I must say, I am really impressed!!! It will be a great sight, seeing these guys in huge numbers attacking this dense unit. And I think with seeing this falling horse poses a lot of other ideas come into my mind....


  1. My God those are amazing figures. The animation is astonishing.

  2. WOW!!. They are really, really good.

  3. Those are outstanding figure, just lovely. Are you going to re-post once they have some paint on them?

  4. awesome!!!!!!
    the sculpting work is perfect and the poses are very dynamic!
    I love the horses!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh of course I will show the painted ones. And later they will be available for sale too through our new shop:-))

    And yes, these horses are really great. We always need falling poses on the dioramas.