Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

Special exhibition in the Budapest army museum

Krisztian sent some photos over from the acutal exhibition in the Budapest army museum. When I had the chance to visit the guys some years ago we already went into this museum and I went wild with my camera, making hundreds of photos for the uniform-archive with a lot of great 1849 Hungarian uniforms.

Now my Hungarian friends had the chance to put all their dioramas on display in a special exhibition about
military toys.

Enjoy the photos!

so there were 1:16 dolls in uniforms available in the past too:-))

I always like it too see when children are watching dioramas.

A nice Roman attack

The Magyars close to mixing up some German knights I fear...

Peipus - in the original diorama a lot of figures were from my collection, but in the meantime they expanded their armies and have now their own better painted ones on show here.

And the siege of Belgrad. One of my favourites.

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