Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

Alamo - the diorama

Not that you have to wait until the next weekend - Here is the endproduct from Alfred. A great one in my eyes!! Sadly as far as I know the mission has not survived.

I think we should do it again in scale 1:1 units this time:-))


  1. Impressive dio !!!
    Which figures did you used for this work ?
    (IMEX ? others?)

  2. Yes, very impressive! So cool.

  3. The figures were Airfix and ESCI, as in 1986 the choice of sets was very limited.
    For the Texans I added some Atlantic, plus a lot of conversions.
    As it is the last assault, the figure scale is 1:1, so it's far from 185 against 6000...
    The Mexicans had about 1200 on that morning and part of them were kept as a reserve to block Texans trying to break out.
    The buildings were from my friend Dan Peterson. He still has them , but he's back in the US.
    But as there are some exiting new books on the subject, I have to built a new one of my own, according to the latest research.

  4. Sorry I do not know enough German to respond except in English. Howevr, I can tell you that a large chunk of the Alamo remains but that much has been destroyed as the land was given over to epansion of the city of San Antonio. There is a real scale sized model about 120 miles to the north which was used in the 1960's movie with John Wayne and later on in 1988 in the made for TV movie, The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory. I was therfor the 150th anniversary activities andcan say that the remains are well cared for.