Freitag, 13. September 2013

After a long time the Mexican adventure again

In the past I already posted some uniformplates and showed conversions of figures for the war in
Mexico 1863-67.

We already thought about going into this subject too with the own production as it is simply very colourful and gives a lot of opportunities.

Now I stumpled over this great homepage while searching for a special uniformplate for the sculptor.
This guy here is really devoted to the subject and brought together a lot of uniformplates.

There is of course the well known clash at Camerone 1863, but this war gives much more from sieges, big battles, skirmishes etc.

In 40mm Gringo's 40 makes great figures. Sadly not my scale, but I know a lot of sculptors who can work after such a photo or master.

What do you think about this war?

Maybe some of you know the old Scruby fgures from the 60ies and 70ies? This figures are available again for some years here.

In their Crimean war range they have French infantry. But these guys don't have the uniform from the 1850ies but the new 1861 jacket which is exactly what we need for Mexico. Ok they are old and far away from todays standard, but I am something of a notalgic and already bought a regiment of them. They look really good painted.

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