Montag, 23. September 2013

Some last photos from Kulmbach

Last night I came back from the hobby-fair in Mainz. As usual a great event with a lot of visitors, children with big eyes and open mouth. I met a lot of friends there again and we had a great time. But more about it later.

Here the last selection of photos from Kulmbach.

Anhalt Chasseur a Cheval at Kulm 1813

 A Roman house - made for 30mm flats but I thought it useful for 1/72 or 28mm too.
 Austrian army reminded me on our Aspern-Project:-))
 And it was great to see the Schutztruppe in flat too. We will made this set in 1/72 too!

 This was a great one in 30mm flat. But I am sure it would work. The price - well....
 A Roman Watch-tower. Available from Hagen-Miniatures:-)))
 More Schutztruppe from Peipp 54mm - We will have them too:-)

 A Roman river-boat.
 Schillings had a nice display of their 1/72 Guards at Waterloo.
 Then we had a lot of very good made Indian vignettes in 1/72

 This Rocket-Corps is 54mm. While I like the figures from HAT, the wagon can be made better. What do you think about it? This here is a good idea.
 An Indian small village
 And this here was for sell!! But as I already bought Massimo's charge of the light Brigade (easier to store) I had no money left:-((

 Then here we have a Samurai post in 30mm. Great work!

So far all these vignettes were within the fair, while now we come to the photos of dioramas in the contest.
This reminds me on "Gladiator".

A merchant train from Nuremberg in the 16th century. Hm, the famous "Götz von Berlichingen" comes into my mind:-))

 This here is 54mm, but I have seen it in 1:72 too in the past. Still one of my favourite subjects for the early colonial wars.

And here we have the winner of the contest. Our Michel Vogt won with his pirate fortress - who wonders:-)
See the details which are great!

 Then we had Erik Trauners Roman town life. I like such subjects!

And this here would get my vote for the best idea - a Banana plantage in the first half of the 19th century.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos. I have one post left for the dioramas in the museum at the Plassenburg for later.