Freitag, 13. September 2013

And again the Mexican adventure

While working through the blogs of fellow hobby firiends I came over Colin Cambels blog. The reason behind is that he sometimes work with "true" 25mm figures and I like the exotic subjects.

Here now we have the civil war in Mexico again. I like these figures, for sure we can do them in 1/72

I already tried this unit with a little conversion of Waterloo's Bersaglieri - just the feather on the hat, the rest is a paintjob.

In the past Massimo sculpted on the subject too for Tom Winterkamp. Three sets of figures were done, but only the FFL for Camerone hit the market. As far as I understood were the figures destroyed in the mould and the result can't be sold. A pity as they were great figures. Maybe we can do them again?
See here my old post on the subject.


  1. Do you plan to make figures for this war too? I am wondering if I figures for this colourful campaign would be available in 1:72 in the future.

    All the best