Samstag, 14. September 2013

Little Big Horn

Now some more photos from Kulmbach. At the moment there is a special exhibition on the Plassenburg about the wild west.

There are things like a Bison Hunt

Of course such a set is available in 1/72 too from our shop :-)))

There was a complete flat full of wild west history, very nice Vignettes of Indian history, for the German speaking community a lot of Karl May's "Winnetou".

A big Topic was of course the battle of the Little Big Horn

They Show it in 54mm


They have small vignettes in flat

And they have a bigger one in flats

I think a diorama in 1/72 would be nice to see too? I know that this is one of Massimo's favourite subjects.  So who knows?

We have good Indians in 1/72 but not real good 7th cavalry. So that is another gap at the market.


  1. Nice!
    never see before flat figures: amazing!

    I completely agree with you about the Cavalry: no real good set for battle scenes or just "real" life. Always in "parade uniform"...
    I'm waiting for a good set ...
    (and more Indians would be welcome too!)

  2. The battle of Little Big Horn in 1:72 would be a great idea!