Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Belgian Carabiniers - Finally they are available

I am really happy to say that finally after some problems with the mould-making we are able to offer the long awainted Belgian Carabiniers for Waterloo in our shop.

The figures are availalbe in sets of five or the two command figures at a special price. Later we will
bring them in single ones too on the market.

With the 200th aniversary of the battles and hopefully a lot of dioramas about it here is the unit that was still missing. All in all three regiments of Dutch Carabiniers - together 1200 men - fought in the battle.
Here we have the 2nd Regiment which had helmets. The other two had the old style bicorne.
We will make conversions of these guys here to offer the other two units too within the next weeks.

If you want to order some - here is your link

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