Dienstag, 8. April 2014

French infantry for the French and Indian war

Some weeks ago our friend thomsomfeld sent me photos of his latest conversions for the seven years war.

What do you say to this figures? Maybe we should think about casting them as it is a great subject in my eyes.

More from his work you can see here


  1. These are really nice. For his use, or will they be marketed?


  2. They look excellent, now for a lick of paint!

  3. That would fill a gap. I have not seen any on the market. Very nice conversions.

  4. Excellent conversions/sculpts. As you point out, it's a fascinating period that makes for excellent wargames. As 'Scan' points out, it is crying out for some figures, particularly French-Canadian regulars and colonials, to complement the few available Indians and Rangers and excellent British from Redbox (while nominally Jacobite, they fit the bill).

  5. It´s a MUST to duplicate / cast them into "masses" Uwe!