Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

New Sepoys from my own range of Fritz figures for Cuddalore

You know the army of the HEIC before 1861 is one of my favourite interests. Because of this I wanted to have the battle of Cuddalore 1783 as our anual diorama project for this year.

The problem is that the Sepoys from my Wellington in India range habe the wrong headgear. So I asked Alfred if he can convert the headgear for me as I have two left hands for this...

Here are the photos he sent me last weekend. These guys we could now use for British and French Sepoys in the 1780ies and 1790ies.

As for uniforms, these guys could be very colourful. The British mostly red, but other colurs existed too

And as you can see from the Osprey book (very recommended) the French Sepoys had the same style of clothing: Here a photo from the Osprey

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