Sonntag, 20. April 2014

New figures from Hagen - Different sculptors an new periods

I see that the post with Thomsomsfeld French infantry conversions is very popular. So we tried to cast some of the figures he made in the past - and it worked!!

New figures in our shop are for example Spanish (mexican) Cuera dragons. This was my favourite set of the figures he sent in the past.

Beside this we tried some of his marching AWI infantry

Guiseppe sculpted for me the first figures for the new range of the French Revolution. Swiss Guard Grenadiers defending the palais des Tuileries in 1792

Andy sculpted me a great gun for my Indian armies. See the details which really impressed me This gun you could use for Indian armies up to the Indian Mutiny I think.

Finally Andy found some old masters for British Napoleonic infantry in greatcoat. As Strelets is going into the subject too and the war of 1812 comes again into the focus (after the nice range from Kennington  some years ago) we thought it doesn't hurt to put them in a mould. The greatcoat is not only interesting for Canada, there is winter in Europe too:-)

Beside this when visiting the Salute I bought several armies of Tumbling-Dice figures for my own collection. I will wash them all and put photos like this in our shop so that - in the end - you could see the complete range from Tumbling Dice in photos. Better you see before what you buy...

I hope you enjoy the news. Next time comes the net set from Massimo.


  1. I like that cannon! Good idea to have photos of the tumbling dice figs...why they don´t do the same on thier own website I don´t know

    1. Paul from TD told me he simply can't do it. His company is a one-man-show. So I see it as a service for him, people from the UK would for sure by from him, but can see the photos in our shop.

      Glad you like the canon. Now I am thinking about a lot of drawn oxen..