Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

It is time for new masters again - This time Hungarian Honved infantry for the Hungarian war of independece or Hungarian uprising (as the Austrians call it) 1848/49

I have this war in my focus for a long time. The revolutionary year of 1848 saw uprisings first in Paris, then in Germany and in the end we have three full wars comming out of it:

1848/49 Hungarian war of Independence
1848/51 Schleswig Holstein
1848/49 1st Italian war of Independence (Risorgimento).

We have lots of very colourful uniforms in all the armies of this period. For the Hungarians these would be the regular Hungarian regiments of the Austrian army which went over to the "Rebels", mostly the Honved and a lot of foreign volunteers fighting for the Hungarian cause.

Sadly for the Hungarians they lost the war as they were attacked from east and west by the Russian and Austrian armies.

So you could use Crimean war Russians to fight them. For the Hungarian and Austrians we will bring much more sets on the way.

Beside this Austrians in 20mm are available from Legio Heroica who offer figures for the Risorgimento 1848.

Here now the masters for the first series, Hungarian Honved.
The next set within this range will be Austrian Jäger