Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Spanish artillery 1808

After all these dioramas I think it is time to show the next set which will come into the Hagen-shop soon. The first of a series on the Spanish army in the first years of the Peninsular war. With HAT's upcomming range of Spaniards I think we have a good selection of poses when this is all done.

In the past several manufactors made Spanish troops for 1808 upwards, but sadly most of them are gone and are not available anymore:

NapoleoN had a range of Spanish line and light infantry, cavalry and artillery
Falcata had these great boxes of up to 30 different figures
Kennington/SHQ had Spanish line infantry - and these are still available.

So in addition to this here our first set:

And don't forget, Emhar promised to bring their Spanish infantry on the market too:-)


  1. Mensch - das ist aber genau der richtige Zeitpunkt!

    I am VERY interested in anything you might produce for early PW Spaniards - dragoons/line cavalry? - light infantry? - mounted officers? 80))

    Please keep us posted - best regards


  2. Hi MSFoy

    I am planning for a little diorama of the battle of Ocana. And since I was missing artillery I asked Uwe if he could help. He contacted Massimo, the sculptor, who made the figures. Right now I plan to add an NCO and a drummer. So you would get a crew set (NCO and 7 crew) and a command set (officer and drummer). To this, I plan to add a set of Spanish infantry standing/waiting and probably a mounted officer and standard bearer. I do agree that Spanish line/dragoon cavalry, generals, staff would be welcome, but right now my other project (Dutch-Belgian army at Waterloo gets priority in 2014-2015. So I do not have plans for more sets before 2015. However the good thing at Hagen Miniatures is that everyone can have the figures he/she dreams of made. So perhaps you could be interested in joining our Spanish army project. The nice thing with Hagen is that the person who pays for the masters not only gets to buy them at production cost, but also gets a part of the profit. So if you're figures prove popular you would have some return on investment. For example: I ordered the masters for the Belgian carabiniers and they proved so popular that I payed the masters for the Spanish artillery, with the money I earned with the Belgian carabiniers. But if your are interested or you want to know more, please contact Uwe.

    Many regards,

    Pieter (GB Miniaturen)

    1. Thank you Pieter - that is exactly what I shall do.

      Uwe - I shall email you...