Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Some photos from Schmitty's collection

Five weeks ago I had the chance to stay a day at my friend Schmitty's home before we started off for the SALUTE in London.

Time enough to take my camera and work myself through a part of his collection.

What I envy very much is the space he has for storing all his stuff!

Then I found some very nice conversion in his collection. Some years ago he was in South America for a holiday trip. Since then we had the idea in mind to make an Atztek-war diorama for our anual projects.

But the idea which impressed me really are this conversions for Burma-Indochina. This could be a subject for an own range from Hagen too in my eyes. Bang Rajan etc. with war elephants etc - hm I start dreaming again:-)

And all these nice fortresses, diorama parts etc. I wish I would have such a flat under the roof.....

The last one a nice Indian temple. Reminds me on the defence of such a temple by Skinners horse against overwhelming odds as I read in his memoires.

Finally a few nice converted figures. These guys here we used in our Gettysburg project:-))

 Some Garibaldians from Ugo's range "Aude historica". Sadly no more avialable

 Three units of Art-Miniaturen Normans

 And a Roman Dromedarius. Something I also had in mind for Hagen too.

I hope you have enjoyed this litte visit in Schmitty's collection. Next time I have another series of his SYW range to show.


  1. Quite a passionate collection. I see some have not been used in awhile - the Normans have cobwebs on them :)!

    1. The last time we put the Hastings-diorama on show was 2006. Maybe it is time to bring them on display again - but who will clean them up? :-)