Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Salute - Siege of Rome 1849

One other display which impressed me at the Salute was the Continental war society. This group is covering the wars in Europe from Waterloo to Mons. They have their own magazine, the Foreign war Correspondant which I would suggest to everybody interested in this war.

Ralph already wrote the details about the group on one of his great blogs:

So if you are interested contact Ralph Weaver to join the group.
Here are now the photos from their wargame this year - the siege of Rome, French fighting the troops of the republic of Rome 1849. Thanks to Ian who sent me the photos from Ralph and other collectors.

Ralph, Ian and Richard - Ian in the uniform of Garibaildi's British' legion

 And another award for the  best historical game...

 Garibaldi's Guides attack the French artillery

Here some uniformplates in case you are interested in recreating these armies too and want something more colourful. Here part of the Italians.

And here some paintings from the French side


  1. Greetings from Hungary!

    Lovely gallery. I think I found a little error. Picture number 26 "Olasz és román légió!". This is a page from a Hungarian book, this book is about the Hungarian War of Independence 1848-49. The 2 figures are represent uniforms from the Italian legion, but this unit served in Hungary, never been in Italy. It might be correct, if this uniforms was a 100% copy of the original Italian uniform. But the other 2 figure is from the Romanian Legion!

    I saw the game at Salute, very nice setup. I like Continental War Society, they always chose good topic. Nothing mainstream. I was know Robert B., his memorial prize went to the right place, he was a big fan of the historical games. We miss him.

    1. Hi Janos,

      thanks for your post. Yes you are right, it is the Italien Legion which fought with the Hungarians against the Austrians. Many thanks for bringing my eyes to the fault. I won't remove the plate from the posting so that anybody who read the comment knows that he can use the unit for Hungary. Maybe you read too that I am working on an Hungarian uprising range with Hagen?

      The cut of the cloth was Italian, so in blue with red trousers they will go as legion Romana.

      A pity that we haven't met on the salute. I would have liked a discussion about the 1849ies uprisings.


  2. Hi Uwe!

    I am a South London Warlord (but currently I live in Hungary, after 7 years London), so I am one of the organizer of Salute since 2008. Quiet hard to catch me on the day, but we can meet next year, I am sure. I am also planning to attend on Crisis 2014, Antwerp in November. I think we both know Krisztian Takacs ( :) I read his brilliant Hungarian articles about the 15mm figures from Hagen, it is very tempting, but I already have 300+ 28mm for the period.

    I have a Hungarian blog, if you chose the label 1848 49, you can see my 28mm figures for the Hungarian uprising. Some is mine painting, some is from other Hungarians.
    If you scroll down in your own blog list (Meine Blog-Liste), you can see New Byzantium, this is an English blog from my friend Alan. We played 1848 battles, so can see some report in English. It was a funny setup, he had an Imagination Balkan army, they became Serbians against my Hungarians. So I called them Serbians, but he called them Trans Syldavians. It was not historically accurate, but was great fun. :)

  3. Impressive table !
    that's all what I've to say ...