Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

A new addition to my Wellington in India range.

I am sure I have written here on the past that the start into my own production was to have such a range for my own collection. I am still working on a diorama for Assaye or the siege of Seringapatam.

Here now the next step to round it up - Tipu's Tiger mortars. These guns were a must for me the first time I've seen them. This here is in the artillery-museum in London

And now Andy sculpted one for me. He also converted the Mysoren artillerycrew I already had in the shop for it.

The next now will be the 74th Highlanders of which I already sent the details to Massimo.

Afterwards the Indian prince on his Elephant and a British artillery crew. And if I find a sculptor who can make Indian cows at the end the train. 

Ah, and before I forget it - you can order them here


  1. Beautiful and stunning mortar !
    nice figures too !

  2. Ah well, the indian cows... if you can live with distorted beasts we can talk about that again in September ;-P

    1. Ha,ha - ok, let's see what we can do in September:-)

  3. Wow, I'm liking those mortars! I would love to of seen one of them in World War II!