Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Alhucemas Landing

I often wrote about my interest in colonial warfare. Now Juan from Spain sent me photos of his diorama on the Alhucemas landing in 1925.

For those of you who don't know about it check Wikipedia. A decicive stroke of the Spaniards to bring the Rif-war to an end.

In this action the Spanish used landings boats which already were in action at Gallipoli and which they bought from the British

Here now some of the photos Juan sent from his great diorama, including the making of.

I always like it to see WW2 figures converted into something different.

 Being myself two lefthanded in this things I always like to see how a good ground ist build.

 I want to see more photos how these boats are made!

 Rifian artillery positions

 Planes are always a good idea in my mind.

Can you recognise the Revell US Marines?

 Or Confederate infantry?

In my collection I have the range of 25mm Rif Raf miniatures. Very small for 25/28mm figures, they are little bit bigger than Zvezda-Figures, see the comparison to an usual 25mm figure at this blog

And here the range of figures they had available, but which I can't found in their shop now

Their range is really great, but the Spanish too big in my mind. The Rifians work.

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