Montag, 18. Mai 2015

Five years my blog

Last week I got a congratulation letter from our Hobbyfrind Richard Kohl who wrote me that on the 8th of May this year my blog was on the web for five years now. Puh, I haven't recognised this...

Many thanks for this letter and the wishes!

Now what happened in the five years? I am close to 500.000 hits on the blog, have an average 400-450 visitors each day and now nearly 250 followers. To be honest I haven't thought this diorama-building to be soo popular:-)

In January 2013 we started with our shop at Hagen-Miniatures, another dream of mine to produce my own figures. This also is a success with over 1500 figures in the shop, a meter-long list of wishes for production comming up the pipeline and new sets of figures every month. And much more important, through the shop I got contact to a lot of hobbyfriends who I haven't met before.

We are still able to bring one diorama on show each year for which I want to thank all the hobbyfriends who help with painting figures!

In the meantime my friend Schmitty with whom I work on the dioramas from the first day had the idea to rent a hall just to put all our dioramas on display and than search for a professional cameraman to make a photo-shooting of all the dioramas we did since 1995. The only problem there is that we don't have enough of our "grass-sand-mix" to cover all the plates:-)
Maybe we can arrange a hobby-meeting in this hall, having a good time with other collectors.

Several dioramas like for example Isandlwhana or Hastings we did years ago. In the meantime there are new figures on the market (the whole HAT- Zuluwar-range appeared after whe had the diorama on show in 2004). So I thought of a second Isandlwhana with nearly 3 times the number we had 10 years ago.

Let's see what happens in the future. I hope you all will still visit this blog and have fun with me with our hobby. That was the reason why I started it and I am happy that the fun is still there!

All the best to you


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch :-D Arrange a Meeting in which hall?

    1. No idea so far, in Bingen am Rhein where Schmitty lives are a lot of empty halls. Maybe a Supermarket which stoods empty since 8 years. When we have found a space I will post it here.


    2. Bingen am Rhein..nearly 3 hours drive from my place...It´s possible for me :-D

  2. Congrats, here's to the next 5 years.

  3. Happy Blog's birthday !
    and congrats for the success !

  4. Congratulations! Always something of interest on your blog.